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At home wellness solution for employees

In response to COVID-19, employees around the world are rising to the occasion and working from home to do their part in flattening the curve.

Now more than ever, remote wellness solutions are vital to maintaining employee health & engagement during a time surrounded by such uncertainty. Support this global effort by supporting your employees with a remote wellness solution that allows employees to choose what works for them.

We understand that this is a tough time for companies and we want to help. To do our part, we're waiving our Holisticly platform fee for 90 days. Please note, while we're making our administration platform free to use, the individual wellness offerings featured on our platform maintain their own pricing.

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can be implemented in 24 hours or less


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Remote-friendly wellness offerings for your whole team

Provide at-home wellness solutions for your team and let each employee choose what works for them. 

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No Reimbursement Process

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Customer support included

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Monthly and Annual Reporting​

Why offer Holisticly?

Employees are working from home, making it harder than ever to maintaining personal health and wellness. Employees are searching for remote solutions to help them with at-home workouts and for mental health tools to help them manage stress and anxiety.

As a employer, employee wellness has a direct impact on:

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Productivity and job performance

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with coworkers

why offer holisticly

What is Holisticly?

Holisticly's employee wellness solution is a benefit platform that completely manages the administrative work to offer your employees multiple wellness offerings.

For employers

For employers, Holisticly facilitates an employer provided wellness stipend and fully manages administration of the program.

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All-in-one solution

We're here to help. All the wellness benefits you want, all in one platform.

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Wellness stipend management

Our platform manages your wellness stipend program. No reimbursements required.

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Automated reports

Monthly usage reports are standard and custom generated reports are available.

For employees

For employees, Holisticly is the easiest way to find and sign up for remote-friendly fitness and mental health solutions that work while you are working from home.

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Easy to use

Simply sign in to our online platform and you're in control.

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Each employee gets to choose what works for them. We take care of the rest.

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Getting started with wellness solutions is easy. Choose your offering all within the Holisticly platform.

What is Holisticly
How Holisticly Works

How Holisticly works

You choose a monthly wellbeing allowance to offer each employee






With just your employee's names and emails, we'll invite them to participate

Employees join the platform

On average, we see that 91% of employees sign up for Holisticly

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Your employees choose the remote wellness initiative that works for them
Easy to Use Remote Employee Wellbeing Benefit.png


choose what

works for them

Each employee gets to choose from vetted and integrated offerings for fitness and mental health


plus more!

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At home wellness solution for employees

Not ready to commit? How about a demo instead?

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