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We don't believe in PEPM fees or charging for employees that aren't using our solution.  With Holisticly, all you pay is a small processing fee on completed transactions when employees spend their wellbeing allowance.


transaction processing fee

No PEPM fees 

No minimum user count 

No minimum annual spend 

FREE to implement 

Save up to $25K a year on administration costs

Holisticly is committed to saving you time, saving you money, and getting rid of the hassles that make wellness benefits so hard to navigate.

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Here's what employees are saying about Holisticly

"The Holisticly team rocked it and added my gym to their platform within 36 hours of requesting it - super appreciative of that."

Steve T.

Employee using Holisticly

"I've been meaning to try Calm for meditation but it never seemed like the right time. Because of this program, I finally signed up for Calm and also started working out on Classpass!"

Tiana S.

Employee using Holisticly

"The fact that my company is providing a solution like this makes me feel that my company cares about me, and provides an incredible benefit for me."

Stacy M.

Employee using Holisticly


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No minimum user count

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