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The key to employee success.

Holisticly puts wellbeing in one place, at your employee's fingertips, and lets each employee choose what works for them.

FREE to implement

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The Business Case

Your employees perform better when they are well

Our top-rated fitness and mental health solutions help you boost employee morale and improve employee productivity.

Empowering employees means higher engagement, and according to studies, employees are:


more engaged when provided time for healthy activities


more likely to have higher job performance when wellness is prioritized

Personalized Employee Wellbeing Solution

What's more personalized than letting your employees choose?

Make wellbeing more accessible, discoverable, and engaging by offering a monthly wellbeing stipend to your team through the Holisticly platform. 

One Platform

Our platform is an all-in-one solution that gives employees options to choose from.

No Reimbursements

Everything is automated so there's no reimbursements to worry about.

Easy to Implement

Implementing Holisticly is easy, our team does all of the administrative work.

Automated Reports

We provide reports on a monthly basis for People and Finance Teams.

Virtual Team Experiences

Looking for healthy ways to engage your team?

Holisticly's Virtual Team Experiences are engaging activities that your team can do together, led by industry experts.

Team Workouts

Mental Health Workshops

Financial Wellness Workshops

Top-Rated Experiences 

Our experiences are provided by top-rated industry experts.

Flexible Options

We offer flexible choices so that you and your team can find what works for you.

Industry experts include:

You're in good company​

Some pretty awesome people are using Holisticly.

Featured Customer

"Company culture and employee experience is very important to us here at Losant, and we're always looking for new ways to better support our employees. One of the ways we've been able to make that happen is through implementing an employee wellbeing program with Holisticly"

Emily Lutz

Human Resources Generalist, Losant


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