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How Holisticly helped Losant launch a wellbeing program with over 60% engagement

"Company culture and employee experience is very important to us here at Losant, and we're always looking for new ways to better support our employees. One of the ways we've been able to make that happen is through implementing an employee wellbeing program with Holisticly"

Emily Lutz

Human Resources Generalist, Losant

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Holisticly usage results:

"With Holisticly, we are able to offer something for everyone, have different options to address different needs, and include our remote employees as well." 

Company profile:

Location: Cincinnati, OH 

Industry: Software, SaaS, IoT

Losant is growing rapidly, and they're one of Cincinnati's most exciting startups. Some of their recent recognition includes:


Venture Ohio
2018 CEO of the Year

Charlie Key


Venture Ohio
2019 Innovation & Tech Awards

Most Promising Startup


Venture Ohio
2019 Ohio's Top 50

Startups to Watch

It's clear that Losant is invested in workplace culture, and when asked to describe the company culture and values Emily Lutz, HR Generalist at Losant, explained "we're a very people-first organization, we value transparency and inclusion, and strive to create a workplace where every employee is over the top excited to come to work." 

As the team continued to grow, Losant needed an intuitive, scalable tool to encourage and support employee wellbeing throughout the team. That's where Holisticly comes in.

The challenge

"We want to give all of our employees, regardless of whether they're remote or in our Cincinnati headquarters, a fantastic employee experience - one that leaves them feeling supported and included amongst the team. Given that every employee has their own interests and wants, we felt that it was important to implement a program that could address the individuality of each of our team members and not be overly time consuming for our busy HR team" says Lutz.

Holisticly is built to take all the work out of implementing a wellness program - just invite your team, chose your plan, and Holisticly will take care of the rest.

Holisticly's role in supporting Losant

Holisticly's role in supporting Losant's culture begins with an employee's first day, when they're told that one of Losant's core values is supporting their employees both in and out of the office. As part of this, each employee is offered a monthly wellbeing stipend through the Holisticly platform. 


The stipend is fully managed by the Holisticly platform, and through the platform employees can gain access to some of today's top wellbeing offerings like Classpass, Calm, Aaptiv, and Audible.  The available offerings address many aspects of wellbeing, including fitness, mental health, and continuous learning. 

"What I like about Holisticly is that we are able to offer something for everyone, have different options to address different needs, and include our remote employees as well."

Emily Lutz

Human Resources Generalist, Losant

What employees are saying

"I've been meaning to try Calm for meditation but it never seemed like the right time. Because of this program, I finally signed up for Calm and also started working out on Classpass!"

"The Holisticly team rocked it and added my gym to their platform within 36 hours of requesting it - super appreciative of that."

"The fact that Losant is providing a solution like this makes me feel that my company cares about me, and provides an incredible benefit for me."

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