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Resqaured takes an active role in supporting and encouraging their employee's well-being using Holisticly

Resquared believes that investing in its employees means investing in its customers. Adding Holisticly to their competitive benefits package allows employees to choose what is most meaningful for them at any given time. Employees are encouraged to take care of their mental and physical health, and to prioritize their wellbeing. 

Emily Armando,
Operations Manager

"Wellness means something different to everyone – so it’s important to us that employees have the autonomy to choose what works best for them.We love that Holisticly benefits are not one-size-fits-all." 

Lorna MacDougall_re2_edited_edited.png

Lorna MacDougall,
Customer Success Manager

"Wellness to me encompasses the mind, body, and soul. With Holisticly I am able to hit all three. I can eat healthy with EveryPlate, listen to an audio book, and even take a yoga class!"

Adrienne Brown_Re2_edited.png

Adrienne Brown,
Data Entry Specialist

"Wellness for me means day-to-day practices that feed not only into my physical & mental, but my emotional and spiritual health as well, to create an overall body greatness."

60%+ Engagement

Resquared sees an average of 60%+ employee engagement on the Holisticly platform. Emily Armando, Operations Manager at Resquared, is excited to be able to provide a cohesive wellness program that every employee can participate in, regardless of location.

"As a remote-first company with employees across six different countries, Holisticly makes it easy to provide a wide range of benefits to employees all over the world"


Emily Armando, Operations Manager

"Putting the right fuel in my body helps me stay focused on my goals and gives me the energy to accomplish them. I use my Holisticly credits for Everyplate, because wellness to me means setting myself up for success."

Jake Smith re2_edited.png

Jake Smith, Sales Development Representative


I use my Holisticly benefit for my ClassPass membership: breathing & meditation classes at Santosha, and Muay Thai kick boxing on Saturdays."

Adrienne Brown_Re2.jpeg

Adrienne Brown, Data Entry Specialist

“For me, Holisticly is a resource that allows me to put my mind and body first. I
am thankful that Resquared utilizes tools that allow me to work on myself during the day & in my personal life. From workout class passes, to ready-to-drink smoothies & dinners, its a really great perk to make life a bit easier & healthier."


Victoria Barnes, Senior Account Executive

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