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Customer Story:

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FinGoal believes people do their best work when they can show up every day as their authentic selves.
To support the health and wellness of all team members, FinGoal added Holisticly to their benefits lineup:
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Full Benefits
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Remote Flexible
Unlimited PTO
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Wellness Benefits

Here's some of how FinGoal puts their employees first:


FinGoal has made employee well-being a priority, and an integral part of their company culture.

Using Holisticly, FinGoal provides a monthly wellness stipend to employees and lets each employee pick for themself what is most meaningful to them.


Some of the most popular choices on the Holisticly platform have been healthy meals and groceries from HelloFresh, EveryPlate and Daily Harvest, fitness memberships through Classpass and LA Fitness, as well as meditation and mindfulness apps.


Adding Holisticly to the benefits package has filled a piece of FinGoals' benefits strategy -- allowing them to make a variety of options available to employees so that each employee receives the support they deserve. 

"I love the Classpass membership offer. It can be expensive to invest in your health and Holisticly makes it easier to prioritize working out."

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Jenn Underwood, Product Analyst

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"I appreciate being supported as a whole person. I feel like I am supported in bettering my life outside of work, which I can bring into bettering my work life also."

Wren Steitle, Software Developer


Whether it's in office or out of office, FinGoal employees value working together to make a difference.


Last year, FinGoal attended the first-ever Fintech Devcon and was able to help the surrounding local community by building bikes for the Third Way Center, a nonprofit that provides around-the-clock treatment and care for young adults ages 14-21 that are high risk, mentally ill, disadvantaged and often homeless. 

FinGoal's employees are dedicated, hard workers, who value the benefits of positive culture and team building experiences. 

"The people are the best part. It’s the best team that I have ever been a part of. Everyone has great morale and outlook which makes for a great work environment."

Jake Evangelista, Software Developer

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FinGoal values tenacity, empathy, and transparency. Honoring these values provides many opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally.  FinGoal supports employees' professional success and career trajectory in the following ways:


FinGoal loves to see its employees grow. They aim to connect employees with other individuals in the Fintech field, providing opportunities for conversation, and allowing employees to broaden their career goals. 


Professional development opportunities

As a fast-growing team, FinGoal wants employees to keep up with the latest developments in their field. They invite employees to seek out opportunities to collaborate with their peers at market events, meetups, and conferences to grow as people and in their careers.


Leveling up

FinGoal wants employees to grow with the company, into new and exciting roles that help them expand their careers.

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