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FORMA MVMT employee virtual workout clas
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Team Workout

(11 class types available)

From $8/participant

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1 hour

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What to expect

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FORMA MVMT's team workouts are a fantastic way for your team to work out while working remotely. Currently available classes are:


  • AC FIT HIIT  (Anthony Crouchelli) - Full Body HIIT class that specializes in Bodyweight Circuits, Shadowboxing, Mini Bands, and more! Equipment: Mini Bands (optional). Duration: 30/45/60 min.

  • #towelturnup (Anthony Crouchelli) - Grab your bath towel, and be ready to sweat! This "Time Under Tension" concentrated workout will push your limits of how much of a burn you can get with just a towel! Equipment: Bath Towel. Duration: 30/45/60 min.

  • TUT Strength (Meghan Hayden) - Time Under Tension concentrated Strength workout! Dumbbells or Kettlebells are the primary equipment options used in class. Class duration is 30/45/60 min.

  • AB Blast (Martin Suriel) - This core circuit AB Blast class is sure to set you up for an incredible day of balance post sweat! Class equipment: None. Duration: 30/45/60 min

  • Shadow HIIT (Jenna Ortiz & Rob Almonte) - This Shadow/HIIT workout is a full body workout that will make you feeling like a champion at the end of the final bell. Equipment: None. Duration 30/45/60min.

  • Strength (Rafael Turcios) -  Weighted and Bodyweight circuit classes balanced between AMRAPS and EMOMS. This Full Body Strength class is going to elevate your foundation, as well as break a sweat towards a better version of you! Equipment: Dumbbells

  • ARMS ABS & ASS (Jill Barger) - This high intensity, and non stop fun circuit class will leave you feeling sore, charged, and ready to rock out to the best version of YOU. Equipment: Dumbbells and Mini Bands are optional. Duration: 30/45/60 min.

  • BB Kickboxing (Scott Orizos) - This Kickboxing Bootcamp is going to have you kicking up a storm, while working on the boxing fundamentals one strike at a time! Equipment: Bands and Dumbbells are optional. Duration: 30/45/60 min.

  • Marky Mark Strength (Mark Delanoy) - NYC Fitness Expert delivers his signature total body bootcamp series straight to your home! This workout consists of EMOMS, AMRAPS, and more! Equipment: Dumbbells, or Kettlebells and Bands. Duration: 30/45/60 min

  • Jabs and abs (Mark Delannoy): 30 min burner! Throwing punches in bunches mixed with some killer ab work. Duration: 30 min


FORMA MVMT Virtual classes are offered at a per-class rate of:

  • $8/participant (minimum 10 participants)

Your team experience will be led by


FORMA MVMT is a fitness studio featuring 10 founding trainers who have taught classes at GRIT BXING, Performix House NYC, and Team EXOS at Google. FORMA has designed an impressive series of workouts now available virtually for you and your team to enjoy.

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How to participate

Join a video call

Video calls are best held on Zoom (or similar) for internal teams.  After you book, you and your team can confirm details for and schedule your team experience.

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