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Launch a

Summer Wellness Series

for your team

Empoyee Team Building

Employee health matters

Give your employees the Summer Wellness Series they've been waiting for. Increase engagement, enjoy the summer, and join the 75% of companies which understand that investing in a healthy workplace drives business success. 

We've got you covered

Want to implement a wellness program this summer but not sure where to start? We've got you covered.  We designed a summer wellness series that's easy to implement and loved by employees. 


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Easy to implement

Follow our pre-designed program below to quickly plan a wellness kickoff event for your company

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Customize the program to make it fit your team's culture.

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Start this summer and provide wellness all year with Holisticly.


Day 1: Wellbeing Kickoff Day

Start your Summer Wellness Series with Wellbeing Kickoff Day! One day filled with activities, learning, and fun to kickstart engagement and boost excitement.

10am: Mid-morning health snack

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Start out your Wellbeing Kickoff Day by providing employees with a healthy snack, juice drink, or smoothie. Our suggestion? Pressed Juicery offers the freshest, highest-quality green juices are a simple and easy addition to a healthy lifestyle.


11am: On-site yoga instructor

Fitness is proven to reduce stress and naturally boost energy. Continue your Wellbeing Kickoff Day with an on-site yoga instructor. Our suggestion?  Y7 Studio offers some of the best yoga classes around and is sure to leave your employees feeling strong and centered.


12pm: Lunch & Learn with Holisticly

Wellbeing Kickoff Day is the perfect time to announce that you'll be offering employees a monthly wellbeing stipend.


Holisticly's web based platform manages the end-to-end process of offering a monthly wellbeing stipend, and provides employees with access to vetted wellbeing offerings like Classpass and Calm

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12pm: Catered Lunch

A healthy lunch is critical for your employees to maintain energy (and productivity) throughout the afternoon.  Easily cater for your offices needs with Platterz, and keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks using Oh My Green.


3pm: Group Meditation

Meditation is a powerful mental health improvement practice. Studies show that just 10 days of meditation can lead to a 14% decrease in an employee's stress levels. This is a great introduction to meditation apps like Calm and Headspace, both of which employees can access on an ongoing basis through the Holisticly Platform.

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Want to provide wellbeing all year long?

Help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the office year-round with ongoing wellbeing programming.


Ongoing focus on wellbeing

Wellbeing Kickoff Day is just the beginning. Your employees need ongoing support to develop long lasting healthy habits.

Provide a monthly wellbeing stipend to your employees

Providing a monthly wellbeing stipend empowers your employees to develop long lasting healthy habits and promotes a company culture focused around caring for your employees.

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Set-up your employee's monthly Wellbeing stipend

Choose the monthly stipend that fits your budget.

Invite employees to participate 


Invite employees over email with a custom link provided by Holisticly. 

Manage using the Employer Portal


Compare company-wide and individual metrics for actual spend vs budget, view engagement metrics, and see what Wellbeing offerings your employees love!

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Provide access to the top wellbeing brands


Provide employees with access to:

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Emily Lutz

Human Resources Generalist, Losant

"Company culture and employee experience is very important to us here at Losant, and we're always looking for new ways to better support our employees. One of the ways we've been able to make that happen is through implementing an employee wellbeing program with Holisticly"


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