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To be in good standing as a Holisticly Verified Partner, you should meet all of Holisticly's business requirements.

Business Requirements

  • Have a minimum of 3 new clients implement Holisticly per year

  • Feature Holisticly as an employee wellness solution on your company's website, adhering to Holisticly brand guidelines

  • Provide permission for Holisticly to use your company logo on the Holisticly website and on promotional material, adhering to your brand guidelines

How it works

It's pretty simple: once you're approved as a Verified Partner, we'll create co-branded material for you to showcase to your clients.  As an exclusive offer for Verified Partners, you get to offer each of your clients FREE credits on the Holisticly platform. 


for companies with 20-49 eligible employees


for companies with 50-99 eligible employees


for companies with 100+ eligible employees

Client Requirements

To be eligible to receive free credits, client companies must:

  • Offer a minimum monthly wellness allowance of $50 per eligible employee for the duration of the implementation

  • Commit to a minimum 12 month implementation period

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